Managing Life’s Transitions

We moved last week.

When other people move, change jobs, add to their family, etc, the shift seems inconsequential. Until it happens to you. Over the past week, I realized that heaving a tough load over an uneven threshold offers a very different perspective than watching someone else do it. Physical, emotional, and mental strain feel more critical when experienced at a personal level. Navigating through difficult transitions mirrors the struggle of carrying hundreds of pounds over a precarious and narrow space. If we don’t manage it properly, we could face upheaval, injury, or disaster.

Transitions can jostle our lives out of balance. Thoughts scatter. Emotions often fly. Souls may tumble into low corners.

As I currently face all these dangers on a daily basis, I must keep the following keys to managing transitions in mind:

  • Bear the weight with your core. Spiritual strength must remain a top priority, not something to fit into the margins.
  • Ask for help. In addition to physical assistance, support from my prayerful friends has been vitally important.
  • Use tools for leverage. Technology, schedulers, journals, and lists work like dollies to bear the load evenly and avoid a crash.
  • Rest when needed. Yes, you can and should! As we carried a heavy entertainment center into the house, I had to stop a couple of times on the front walkway. Had I continued, the furniture would be in a splintered heap on the front curb. I need to remain mindful of my limits with other tasks, too. Sleep and rest will help me avoid a disastrous crash.
  • Go slow, but not too slow. Ease through a change. Maintain a rate which allows both momentum and care.

What are your best tips for navigating transitions? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Whatever you’re carrying, may you have a blessed week.

Be Encouraged,


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