Making Room


I’ll admit, restoration shows snag my attention. The dilapidated home crying for a complete rebuild, a child’s room devoid of hope, or a bathroom in desperate need of a peroxide bath…somehow a broken down place waiting for help draws me to the screen.

After submitting a request for help, residents consent to the builder’s plan and assist with certain details in the process. Makeovers begin with deconstruction. Unsuitable flooring must be removed, walls demolished, and ugly cabinets torn down. The builder instructs his workers to clear all obstructions and decayed structures from the area. They must make room for a firm foundation, open spaces, and new storage units.
Maybe my attraction to restoration projects reflects a deep universal longing. A child created in God’s image chafes at degrading conditions around and within. Many of us find ourselves and those we care about in desperate need of rebuilding. What would extreme makeover soul edition look like?
Our Divine Builder does not impose Himself upon our dwelling places. We must first invite His help. After we request the Lord to rebuild our dilapidated lives, we must consent to His architectural plans. God requires us to participate in deconstruction. We work with Him to remove the shaky foundations, where we’ve tried to secure our footing on things other than Christ. He helps us tear down walls of fear, bitterness, and self-protection to clear the way for open spaces of peace and love. The Lord assists us in safe removal of mildewed cabinets, where we’ve hidden secrets. Toxic vows, mistrust, shame and other vermin must be extracted with compassion and care. Jesus assures us of His carpentry skills to craft new units for storing fruit of the Spirit to share with all our guests.
Restored lives gleam with a magnificence surpassing any home-improvement show’s conclusion scene. The “big reveal” of a life renewed by God shares the image of Christ Himself.
As disciples of Christ, we can enjoy a makeover and volunteer as His workers to help rebuild the lives of others. Jesus’ restoration projects remain the most heartwarming and awe-inspiring stories our viewers will ever behold.
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” — 2 Corinthians 5:17

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    You “nialed” it with your insights. Beautiful and thought provoking as usual.

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    Okay. You “nailed” it. I’m working on that spelling thing.

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