Make Regrets and Fears Work for You in 2017(Instead of the Other Way Around), pt 2

Today’s video follows last week’s post with steps to re-purpose your regrets and fears.

  1. Define the negative emotion with specific terms. Write it down. Say it aloud to a wise friend, life coach, or counselor. Feelings have the most power to derail us when they remain silent and vague.
  2. Uproot the cause. Determine where the regret or fear started. Make a clear distinction between the past and now. Verbally and in writing, declare that the past issue which caused your regret and fear must not choke the potential from the remainder of your life. Today and tomorrow are not the same exact situation as yesterday.
  3. Identify the promises and distortions your emotions make. For example, fear of failure promises to protect us from future failure but instead keeps us trapped in the failure of not having tried at all. Emotions warp the truth, even lie to us. Clarify what the feelings promise to do. Discern the truth from the exaggeration.
  4. Take the feelings out of the control position. Replace them with the partnership of mind and Spirit. Feelings make great advisers, offering red flags and warnings, but are not designed to direct our lives.
  5. Repurpose your negative emotions as input to be considered. Determine what you can learn from the cautions offered by negative emotions, but only take what has been clarified through a careful examination of the truth. The objective view of a wise friend or counselor can help sort out the facts from the feelings. Decide how this information can optimize your ability to function and benefit others around you. Then allow your informed mind to choose a plan.

If your regrets and fears mire you in a particularly sticky bog, consult with a life coach or counselor to help you get free and move onward in a purposeful direction. Check out my my Life Coaching page, if you’re interested in the convenience and accessibility of sessions via Skype.  May you enjoy an optimized life in 2017 and beyond!
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