Living Through Cave-Like Trials: Psalm 57 Devotional




As we face the unexpected crisis of isolating in our homes, many of us find ourselves coping with unprecedented stress and troubles. The circumstances oppress us and we struggle to live among those we may find prickly at times. David spent years under the oppression of a spiritually tormented enemy, forced to dwell in caves with difficult men. Though he had been anointed as the next king, he suffered isolation and lack of supplies for longer than he could possibly have imagined.

Many celebrate this Lenten season as a time of preparation for Easter, acknowledging our Savior’s sacrifice by humbling ourselves. Some choose to fast in recognition of Jesus’ forty days of fasting in the wilderness. We can also remain mindful of the three days between Christ’s entombment in the cave and His resurrection which brought us all hope of new life beyond the grave and torment of our mortality. In an interesting parallel, David wrote Psalm 57 from his apparently hopeless situation of cave-dwelling before entering his royal destiny.

Today’s devotional video invites us to pray and worship according to the example in Psalm 57.

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  1. Diane Stephenson

    This is an excellent message, Tina, and unique in that I have never heard anyone talk about David being in the cave from this standpoint. It is definitely relevant to the days we are now living through. I am fortunate because I have no problem staying home by myself and it does not stress me out. As a senior, I have no job to be concerned about either. I spend even more time in prayer most days and that is a great advantage. I talk on the phone with others as well, so even though the fellowship cannot be face to face just now, I can still keep up to date with my friends. And we can always meet with Jesus face to face. What a blessing that is. This is my first time visiting your blog after connecting on Alignable, and I enjoyed my “visit”. God bless.


      I deeply appreciate your visit and am so blessed to know you enjoyed the post! I hope to share more with you in the future, Diane! Blessings!

  2. Bonnie Columbia

    This was an amazing word of encouragement…thank for your ministry.

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