Live Delighted: Redefining Sacrifice

To live delighted, we must reconcile the world of real life in which we don’t always get what we want. And the means to our dreams isn’t often easy. Sometimes our best path to life’s potential involves sacrifice. How do we find joy in times of sacrifice?
For a life of utmost happiness, our way of defining the hard places makes a critical difference. All life includes challenges, but how we frame it creates the fulcrum between depleting or motivational lifestyles.
Try the following three re-framing techniques to weave positives into your challenges.
Can I re-imagine this sacrifice as a:

  • Trade-up
  • Power-up
  • Victory

Your attitude holds a great deal of power with regard to energy, health, and overall success. You can literally choose a better quality of life without changing your circumstances. But on the way to making strides forward, you will need to deal with the setbacks. Know your plan of mental framing ahead of the issues which may arise unexpectedly.
In this Easter week, consider the ways Christ’s ultimate sacrifice reflected a trade-up, power up, and victory. As we contemplate the death and resurrection which offered us eternal benefits, mark the divine model as your new way to frame sacrifice as a beneficial part of life we can embrace.
What sacrifices do you face right now? Share your comments and concerns with us. I look forward to hearing from you.
Be Encouraged,

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