Live Delighted: Empty Space Doesn't Exist

We all want more joy. Many of us recognize the need to rearrange our lives in order to experience a greater degree of happiness. But life’s demands pull on us with urgency. We never seem to have the time or space to enjoy living. And the concept of clearing white margins in our schedule eludes us as if it were the stuff of fantasy novels. How do we find empty spots in our lives?
We don’t. Because empty space only occurs in a vacuum. Breathing and life cannot exist under the conditions required for emptiness. We must instead learn how to fill our days wisely. Joyfully. When we exchange the depleting aspects for those which enhance us, we can then live delighted.
Today’s video suggests the following tips:

  • Clarify your life-honoring, life-giving purpose.
  • Set priorities. Start with your reason for living.
  • What can you delegate?
  • Discern between necessities and clutter.
  • Which things are good, and which ones are best?
  • Allow margin, but realize it won’t be empty.
  • Decide ahead of time what renews you in the margins.
  • Avoid energy and time vampires.
  • Set limits on things which eat the space your life-giving activities deserve.
  • Invest in mental, spiritual, and relational activities which offer a return (not necessarily from the one in whom you’ve invested).

What struggles or suggestions do you have for living with greater joy? Share your comments with us. I look forward to hearing from you.
Be Encouraged,

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