Life Upgrades You Can Sustain: New Year New You

Life Upgrades You Can Sustain: New Year New You

I struggled with motivation at the onset of the New Year. My attempts to launch the year by setting goals or resolutions sputtered. No word for the year came to me, despite regular prayer and meditation.

Instead, the questions of “Why?” and “Will my efforts even matter?” needled my thoughts. I recognized these nemesis angles as the wrong questions, yet my mind’s internal committee refused to stop engaging with them.

I couldn’t seem to take the next step in my work. How could I write a New Year’s blog series when I saw little purpose or direction for my own life?

Of course, I wouldn’t speak or write about goals while I searched for motivation. So I decided to set the struggle aside until the Lord provided me what I needed to share.

After abandoning housework and my office to do some errands, I stumbled across divine appointments. And immediately felt better. Clarity about my New Year’s message settled in place of the dark clouds. I could grasp the right questions and answers with all my heart while effectively dismissing the “why” quagmire.

I needed to let go of the striving. Give up on trying to see my purpose. Truth is, nothing I do will actually matter. And that’s as it should be. I can embrace the whole of Solomon’s existential rant with peace rather than angst when I wrap my mindset and heart and motivation around the essence of all significance. Purpose, accomplishments, and meaningfulness center in God alone. God has the purpose. What He does matters, whether it’s through my life, others’ lives, or on His own. He alone knows the goals and objectives of His Kingdom’s purpose, and he knows them well enough that I don’t always have to see the future track.

If I obey Him step by step, I get to walk with Him as He accomplishes His purpose. And remembering that is the key to my motivation. I don’t have to do great things. That’s His job. I just have to show up each day for service. With the motivation and faithfulness of a mustard seed. He has the immense power to take my paltry energy level and use it as part of His plan. I acknowledge my relative weakness and am okay with stepping aside and accepting Him in the role as the omnipotent one.

So my New Year’s message isn’t about goals. I won’t address how to keep your resolutions. This series is for those of us who seek more than a few months of bulleted lists. We won’t shout at one another to reach fitness levels or shame ourselves into following crash diets. Our steps toward well being will include the wholeness of our living and focus on meaningful, sustainable patterns. None of our shared topics will urge us toward drastic alterations, but rather simple and gradual steps in the direction of living our best for the rest of our days. If you are tired of chasing endless goals, let’s take on the challenge of lasting life change.

As a life coach, I’m inviting you to join my holistic New Year, New You journey. Just in case you’ve had other impressions of the term “holistic,” allow me to clarify. My orientation as a coach has nothing to do with new age spiritualism. I’m referring to the Webster definition of the term:

“Definition of holistic

1of or relating to holism
2relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts 
holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body”
(“Holistic.” The Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Inc., Accessed 4 January 2020.)
In our sustainable journey of life upgrades, we’ll address physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational wellness. One. Step. At. A. Time. Here are a few topics you can look forward to engaging with:
  • Let the Diets Die!
  • Mindsets You Can Maintain
  • Spirituality as a Lifestyle
  • Emotions as Allies, Not Dictators
  • Relationship Rejuvenation

Guess what else you can enjoy as a participant! I now have an app!

With the app, you’ll have lists, posts, tools, Flourish-Meant podcast interviews, recipes, exercises, reading lists, and MORE resources to empower your best living ever.

I’m also cooking up more surprises for participants, including prizes. I do love giving things away, you see.

In case you’re wondering how to get the app, I’m reserving the first announcement for those who sign up as TRIBE members. If you join us, you’ll receive great content in my monthly tribune and first access to all insider opportunities. Don’t worry, I ONLY send out the monthly email and I won’t share your information with anyone else.

Look for more details on the app and other exciting new developments in the weeks to come.

I also hope you’ll join us on this journey to live our best while resting in God’s purpose and power.

Be Encouraged,


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