Lethean Shroud: A 1st Draft Snippet

Rayanna jammed the key into the squad car’s ignition. Grantham dove into the seat behind her as voracious snarls neared his doorway and overtook the waking engine’s whine. She twisted to glance back.

The officer croaked, “Go.” Arms smeared in muck and blood, he slammed his door with a crunch and triggered an ear-splitting yelp.

Greasy fur and saliva-strewn jaws of several beasts thrashed against the window, rocking the cruiser. A set of bloodied claws wriggled and oozed in the door frame.

She sucked in shallow breaths.

“Stop gawking and drive!” Grantham swatted the back of her seat.

As grizzly creatures battered the car, she shifted into drive. The rear of the car swung toward the ditch while she stomped the gas pedal. Turf splattered the cruiser’s underbelly as the tires clamored for traction.

A massive beast pounced onto the front end, crushing the hood with its weight. The creature roared and charged at the windshield.

The tires bit onto the road’s asphalt edge. With its floored accelerator, the car lunged onto the blacktop and hurtled the predator against the roof’s front frame. The  tumbling creature cracked onto the windshield.

Rayanna’s sweaty grip whitened as she torqued the wheel. The cruiser fishtailed and threw the creature onto the asphalt.

Grantham’s creaky shouts steamed at her ear from just over the seat back. “Punch it! Go, go!”

“I know!”

With a final swivel, the tires pealed their rubbery skins and flushed the cabin with burning odors. Rayanna’s fists clamped the steering wheel, but her arms trembled as the squad car tore off through the mist-shrouded highway.



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  1. Dena Yohe

    This is a page-turner! Love your descriptions. Can’t wait for the next installment!

    1. [email protected]

      Thank you so much, Dena! I am delighted to hear you have enjoyed these little snippets.

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