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Whatever we nourish will grow. [bctt tweet=”Whatever we nourish will grow.” username=”@tyeagerwrites”]

The brain stands as the greatest example of this principle. While popular media trends share a plethora of information regarding weight regulation, muscle strengthening, gut management, or heart health, the CPU gets a marginal amount of discussion on nourishment. Our brain regulates all other functions, yet we pay it the least respect in educating ourselves on wellness.
Medical research dedicates a great deal of attention to the brain, however. Research continues to grow concerning the plasticity of this organ. In other words, this life-centered organ can grow, heal, or deteriorate at any time depending upon how we treat it.
Brain health includes nutrition, but isn’t limited to diet. Our primary organ needs exercise to remain plastic and healthy. Learning amplifies the potential of our brains.
The more one learns, the greater her mind’s potential grows. [bctt tweet=”The more one learns, the greater her mind’s potential grows.” username=”@tyeagerwrites”]
As we use various parts of the mind, we build new neuropathways. Some activity serves to weave connections across hemispheres and amplify creative genius.
We can feed passive or active (theta or beta) brainwaves by engaging them. The wavelengths we use will strengthen. Allowing active brainwave patterns to atrophy by engaging too much in passive brainwave behaviors (such as viewing of electronic data) can deteriorate the mind’s emotional well-being and attentive capacity. Excessive time spent playing video games, for example, has been a verified factor in increasing depression and anxiety symptoms while diminishing the ability to focus. Patients who drastically reduce passive activities and instead begin to engage with word games or teach themselves a new hobby tend to show recovery of emotional and cognitive functioning.
In addition to puzzles and practicing new skills, reading offers a tremendous opportunity to strengthen the brain. Today’s video offers a few recommended categories from which you can read to strengthen your mind for optimal living.

  • Academic Books – Learn a language. Research history. Discover another culture. Plumb the depths of our oceans or delve into the farthest reaches of the universe.
  • How-To Guides – Gain practical knowledge about skills you’ve yet to attempt. Try a new hobby or save money on the next DIY project.
  • Travel – Explore the world from the comfort of your armchair.
  • Self-Help – Find out how to live your best.
  • Health – Learn the medical and nutritional basics so you can better care for yourself and ask educated questions at each doctor’s visit. Books often serve as better sources of information than the internet, but examine the sources in all your studies.
  • Coloring books, puzzle books, and riddles – Making decisions and solving problems will optimize your brain’s growth.
  • Additional categories we’ll discuss in future posts – Of course, all reading engages the brain. I’m not leaving fiction out, but saving it as a treat to savor in another post.

What other types of books will you choose to nourish your brain? I’d love to hear your favorites. Feel free to comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.
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