In the Tomb of the Unknown


Crisis or unexpected changes wreak seismic upheaval in our minds, hearts, and souls. All we had planned suddenly crumbles through our fingers and turns to ash. Any illusions of control we once had have vanished. Instead of grinning at a bright path ahead, we shiver in the dark.

These are the Holy Saturday moments of our lives.

What we once thought would keep us secure has been battered and buried. We mourn until our tears run dry. Then we’re left to gape in disbelief and horror at our position–entombed in the unknown. What should we do? Where can we go? What will happen next?

No idea.

The root of terror lies in powerlessness. Our nature craves foreknowledge and control over our lives. Tomb-facing moments reveal these as lies. Human omniscience and omnipotence do not exist in reality. We. Are. Powerless.

Yet we don’t need to go through Holy Saturday without hope. There are four keys to sustain us in these dark days:

  • Faith
  • Time
  • Truth
  • Fellowship

I hope you find comfort this Holy Saturday, and may Resurrection Sunday renew your soul with hope.


Be Encouraged,



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