Immerse in Life

Work. The word bludgeons many and elicits a groan. We could search for zen jobs, but even the best workplace cannot promise a Utopian experience. Neither a new employer nor entrepreneurship can offer us an escape from the sense of drudgery. Happiness depends on more than the type of work. While we should aim to fulfill a sense of purpose, a new career only offers a chance at joy if we bring it with us.
The same truth applies to life at home. We can fill our daily lives with a sense of drudgery, dragging the discontent with us wherever we go. When we squint into our humdrum shadows of day-to-day, the world grows gray and small. The light of inspiration dwindles.
We cannot find joy by stumbling upon happy happenstances. To live delighted, we must pursue life. Seize joy. Cling to inspiration ruthlessly. To find joy, one must intentionally immerse in life. At all times.
Today’s video discusses the following ways to surround ourselves with life:

  • Get out. Sunshine improves mood.
  • Bring nature inside.
  • Smile until it becomes your default setting.
  • Surround your everyday places with fresh and inspiring decor.
  • Radiate contagious joy. Others will reflect back onto you. Encourage and show kindness to others.
  • Make beautiful things, no matter how small.
  • Give away your beautiful things and make fresh ones.
  • Share happy souvenirs with those who helped make the memories. (photos, seashells, e.g.)
  • Surround yourself with positive souls.
  • Include inspirational messages in your daily routine and your decor. Change them often.
  • Pray and meditate.
  • Observe all forms of life with thankfulness. Do so daily.
  • Add a water feature to your daily space.
  • Listen to music and nature sounds.
  • Take time to play with friends and family.
  • Include laughter as a regular part of your heart’s diet.

Which things do you plan to use to immerse yourself in life? Share your comments and suggestions with us! I look forward to hearing from you.
Be Encouraged,

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