Immerse in Creative Joy

To live our fullest, we must pursue life’s pure and sacred essence. An imaginative Creator breathed beauty and joy around us to draw us closer into relationship with Him.  Fulfillment flows from His Spirit, a source deeper than circumstance. Due to the distractions of this world, our connection to life cannot be sustained by accident. Optimal life occurs when we determine to seek it with deliberate action.
If we strive to live fulfilled and delighted, we must immerse ourselves in creative joy. Today’s video lists a few ways to submerge in life-giving springs to spark the imagination.

  • Play with art.
  • Visit local craft and art shows.
  • Try new flavors and experiment with culinary art.
  • Explore botanical gardens.
  • Examine the artistry of human stories.
  • Problem solve for the needs of others as a fun exercise and give generously.
  • Create new decor or accessories to remind you of your spiritual joy.
  • Imagine seeing things from a child’s point of view.
  • Browse a craft or art store. Adopt a new creative hobby. Bless yourself and/or others with the results.
  • Plant something.
  • Spend a day of observation and thanks on each aspect of creation.
  • Make each day a scavenger hunt to find as many beautiful artworks as you can. List those invented by the Creator as well as works done by those made in His image.
  • Share your enthusiasm with creativity until you inspire someone.
  • Research or explore nature’s microcosms. Discover the brilliance of insect design, deep-sea creatures, or microorganisms.

What helps you immerse in creative joy? Share your suggestions with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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