Hugs for the Holidays

Feeling cuddly as a cactus this week?
Got that greasy black peel attitude?
Checking your teeth for termites,  or itching your head for brain-spiders?
Has the seasonal music and glittery trim inspired all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile?
Maybe you haven’t developed a green complexion yet, but struggle to get into the Christmas spirit. No gift theft or tree-torching. Just a ho-humbug mood darkening your December days. Some people turn to eggnog or overdose on raw cookie dough at times like these. A snowstorm of sugar can’t fill the heart’s empty hole, however.
Tangly-souled mopers need one thing above all else to cure their grinchiness. Hugs. I prescribe an abundance of empathetic affection to warm a frozen heart back to life. Between human thaw-sessions, the right story can embrace and lift your spirit.
Hugs for the Holidays offers bite-sized inspiration. In such a busy time of year, a quick read fits best in the schedule. Each of the book’s short stories comes with an attitude-boosting quote. The seven selections provide just the right flavor and serving to whet your Christmas appetite. Once the stories work magic in a reader’s heart, the book serves as a thoughtful gift to pass on to another hungry soul.
Check out Hugs for the Holidays on Amazon or at your favorite retailer. Do you have a favorite Christmas story or movie? Share your favorite source of holiday inspiration with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
Merry Christmas,

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