How to Set Goals Aligned with Character and Purpose

Given up on goals?

Did you set resolutions or goals at the dawn of the year? If you forgot those New Year’s ideals months ago, you’re not alone. In fact, you share this experience with an overwhelming majority of the world, according to statistics.

Tried the gimmicks?

Many folks try all sorts of gimmicks to achieve their resolutions. Charts, plans, even support groups. But in less than a season, even these tools can prove insufficient.
We’ve followed the disciplines. Trained like the pro’s. Purchased all the products and programs. The things all the experts promise will be effective can fail us. [bctt tweet=”We’re doomed to fall short of the win when we’re running toward someone else’s finish line.” username=”@tyeagerwrites”]

Ready to reach your personal gold?

When our planners and charts don’t work out, we could revel in our shared failure. Or despair and give up on our dreams. But instead of abandoning all aspirations, we could adjust our trajectory. Aim for the finish line which is truly meant for us. Let’s set goals based upon our individual purposes and draft objectives aligned with our character.
Know WHO and WHY you are, then you can set the right goals for you.

  • Seek divine wisdom before setting purpose or goals.
  • Define your why. Make a clear vision statement regarding your unique purpose.
  • Consider your personality and character. Introvert/Extrovert, e.g.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Clarify what motivates and demotivates you. Not experts, but you.
  • Acknowledge your blind spots and vulnerabilities. Get support for them.
  • Set your first finish line on strengths and purpose. Define a SMART long term goal as a bridge to the next one.
  • [bctt tweet=”Set all plans in pencil and give God the eraser.” username=”@tyeagerwrites”]
  • Set objective steps toward your goals, working backward in time from years to months to weeks to days. Be less specific with longer range steps, because the details must shift. Be sure to set each step according to how YOU would best reach the purpose for your life. Learn from experts in the field you’re pursuing, but consider personalized ways to perform your role.
  • What sets you apart could create new products/services for an under-served segment.
  • Consider the potential Esther element to your purpose. For such a time/people/need as this, you’ve been positioned in this critical spot to bless/help/serve those who might not receive it from someone else.
  • Preach the post-Gospel beatitude to your perfectionism and control issues: Blessed are the flexible …
  • Remind yourself daily of those who need the unique blessings only you can offer. Post a photo or memento to keep those who await your efforts in mind.

What other things help you stay oriented to your unique purpose? How do you keep motivated and on task? Share your feedback with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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