How to Read Spiritual Growth for Well-Being

The previous post introduced our new series on reading for well-being. Today we’ll explore various facets of reading for spiritual growth. Since our holistic health stems from the soul, we stand to gain comprehensive benefits from reading this vital genre. Spirituality covers a broad range of topics. Wandering through bookstore aisles can prove overwhelming, and it may seem difficult to choose where to start. The following categories provide an outline for life-optimizing reads on spiritual growth:

  • Foundation (Bible, basic theology, e.g.)
  • Daily devotions
  • Studies
  • Specific Life Applications (parenting, life transitions, coping with grief or crises, e.g.)
  • Identity
  • Growth (discipleship, next steps, outreach, calling-related)

Begin with the foundation. Continue to review the primary book as you add other reading layers as you add them. Include at least one of the above categories in your daily reading and at least two in your weekly reading for optimal wellness. Go deeper as you grow. The right books have tremendous, life-changing potential. Though not a comprehensive list, I’ll offer you a place to start by citing links for the books mentioned in today’s video:


Daily Devotions


Specific Life Applications



Expand your reading list in this vital area of wellness! Share your favorite spiritual growth books with us. Comment here for an opportunity to win a book.

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