How to Read for Healthy Living


Health impacts our quality of life with immense power. We can pursue creature comforts, eat ourselves into a coma, or purchase the newest shiny gadgets. None of these temporary infusions of joy will have the profound effect on our well-being provided by healthy living.

A plethora of media resources and books focus on the American deficit of health. Many promise a few quick and easy ways to lose weight, improve skin clarity, or bulk our muscles. But a true lifestyle of well-being involves lasting habits, not programs which most of us will abandon as quickly as we adopt them.

Today’s video offers a guide to read books on healthy living which offer results. I’ve listed some general categories to help you choose reading which could boost your health for the rest of your life, not just next month. Consider the following:

  • Exercise you can sustain
  • Healthy eating habits, not diets
  • Targeted nutrition and habits (e.g. for brain health, or to fight inflammation)
  • Add your findings to your life immediately.
  • Commit to the habit for a season.
  • Get accountability.
  • Integrate physical health as part of a holistic approach.

What other reads are helping you live your healthiest? Share them with us in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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