Honoring Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I’m inserting an additional post to the midst of the current blog series. I won’t describe it as a deviation, because today’s holiday aligns with the theme of focus. Take a moment during your weekend activities to reflect on those who paid for our freedom. Offer prayers for the wounded and those who continue to lay their lives on the line. Support families who miss loved ones in active duty. Comfort those who grieve over the entombed. However you choose to respect today’s holiday, I pray the following words will complement the blessings you convey to our precious military families.
(Originally posted on May 21, 2015 at tyeagerwrites.com)

Soldiers: Friends of God

He grinds his jaw as his blistered soles pound the trail. His gear weighs as much as a man’s corpse, and the load drives an ache through his spine and knees. Perspiration stings his eyes. His lungs heave in a steamy breath. Five more miles before the downhill slope. Must. Press. On.
“Let’s go, soldier!”
Ears clogged, he can’t tell if the raspy command comes from behind or ahead of him. But he knows that voice.
The crack of gunfire shatters the air. An explosion rattles through the earth into his weary bones. He stumbles in the plume of smoke, but does not fall. Adrenaline pulses to steady his gait. Chaos dulls his pain and drowns the officer’s words. But he knows his mission. Heart bearing the worth of his people, the soldier plunges headlong into the deadly fray.
Soldiers. Willing to lay down their lives for our people, they represent the utmost fulfillment of Christ’s call to all of us. This Memorial Day, many of us will offer our respect to the soldiers who have offered the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Active duty service men and women also deserve our thanks, for they lay aside peace and comfort most of us take for granted. Many in our military face unimaginable horrors in battle, continuing years afterward to fight for emotional survival.
We owe them thanks in many ways.. Verbal gratitude, assistance, and favor provide a good start. Tangible appreciation must never be neglected or diminished one iota. There remains an even more significant means of honoring our troops–join them in answering the call.
Christ commissions all of us to lay down our lives in love for one another. If we rise to follow His example, setting aside our comfort to plunge forth in the fight against evil, we adopt the soldier’s mission. Carrying out acts of love despite hardship will honor the soldier, for we rise to a value more worthy of his or her sacrifice. More worthy, though it remains difficult to imagine we’ll deserve what our fallen troops have offered.
We’ll never deserve the sacrifice Jesus offered for us. No manner of thanks, no acts of service can make us worthy. Grace cannot be earned. Yet our grateful hearts prompt us to follow His example and love others. Like these noble soldiers, we, too, can grow selflessly loving hearts. Far away from perfection, long before we reach our destination, God awards us, both spiritual and tactical soldiers, an amazing distinction. He calls us friends.
This Memorial Day, join me in the ongoing practice of thanking God’s friends. And becoming one of them.
Blessings to all who have offered service to our country and our King.
“Now remain in my love…
My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
Greater love has no one than this:
to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”
(John 15:9-13).

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