Honor the Shame-Slayer


Filthy, stained, and weary, I trudged in from the unfinished work in my yard. My strength and supplies had run out. I couldn’t go on, and I needed cleansing from head to toe.

Shame had once devastated my life in a similar, but far more profound way. I desperately sought acceptance and purpose, only to discover them far out of reach. My mind and soul gimped away from pursuit of completion on my own, inadequate strength. Frailty covered me from head to toe, and I had nothing left. My only option was to simply give up.

Giving up, it turns out, paves the way to living victoriously with the Shame-Slayer.

On Palm Sunday, the crowds laid down their valued, honorable cloaks. Some cut palm fronds, a flag-like symbol for the Israelite nation. By laying down their own honor, Jerusalem paved the victory road for the incoming King of Kings. For all who submit their lives to Him, Jesus would take their shame and soul-suffering upon Himself and put it to death forever.

Though I knew the Lord, I had continued to seek my own acceptance and purpose on my strength. I neglected to avail myself of the fullness of His power in my life. But when I laid down the flag of my personal significance, the King led me down His victorious road to freedom from shame.

Christ delivered me from inadequacy to a life of divine power. I no longer need to strive on my efforts alone. He cleansed me from head to toe, and bestowed me with a crown of His glory in its place. Jesus doesn’t simply deliver us from sin and suffering. He also empowers and raises us to significance and purpose.

Today’s video discusses the Shame-Slayer’s ministry, in scripture and in our current lives. This Holy Week, we can remember the awesome blessings within our reach through Christ. And the purpose for which we’re blessed may radiate like an Easter sunrise.


How will you honor the Shame-Slayer this Easter?

I look forward to reading your comments.


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