Honor Mothers & Others: Gift Ideas for Those Who Nurtured You

Those who nurtured our hearts, minds, and souls carve their memories into our lives forever. Parents or others may fulfill guiding roles to raise and support us. How can we honor those who blessed us the most?
Not every meaningful gift carries an expensive cost. In fact, some mothers prefer a handmade or sentimental option. If you’re stumped for a new option, consider the following ideas this Mothers’ Day:

  • Photo collage gifts (frames, blankets, calendars, clocks, or tee shirts). For those with dementia, photo books can be very helpful tools.
  • Favorite family recipe gifts. Photograph an old recipe card and imbed the image on a casserole dish warmer, towel, or basket. Include the prepared dish and take/send to your loved one.
  • Print inspirational verses on a scarf.
  • Write a poem to honor your loved one.
  • Send flowers or plants to someone who loves to garden as representative of their life-giving presence. A bonsai tree can symbolize how well the person cultivated and shaped your life.
  • Take your loved one on a visit to a new or well-loved place. Take photos and offer them an album to preserve the memory.
  • Show your understanding of their favorite things (book genres, fragrances, colors, stores, activities, or restaurants, e.g.).
  • Write a gratitude list, noting all the things for which you’re thankful to them. Be sure to use decorative paper and preserve the list in beautiful binding or a frame.
  • Create a necklace or bracelet with charms representing their favorite things or what the person means to you.
  • Offer a pampering experience. Volunteer to give her a day off or take her to the spa.
  • Bring the spa home with essential oil collections, comfy socks, and heatable neck wraps. Include her favorite music selections and movies.
  • Conspire with the families of her best friend(s) to schedule a girls’ day out with her soul sisters.
  • Listen to learn which retreats, concerts, or spiritual events she would love to attend and acquire tickets for her.
  • If you can’t afford tickets to her favorite theater or mystery dinner, stage one with family members for her. It’s sure to be entertaining, even if it isn’t perfect.
  • Consider her refueling style. For an introvert, find a way to give her a relaxing day alone or with one friend. For the extrovert, a surprise party would be more energizing.

No matter how you honor your loved ones this Mother’s Day, I pray you’ll find a way to encourage those who nurtured you. Whether biological, adoptive, foster, or unofficial, most mothers-at-heart most love the sound of your voice and the sight of your smile. Give those fundamentals to her this week, and she’ll delight in the blessing of motherhood.
Be Encouraged,

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