Welcome to the heroic adventure story of your divine purpose. Come on a quest to fulfill your life’s ultimate potential with me. 

Share a latte as we turn the pages of your epic journey and rise toward its summit.

Welcome to your story-wings. Come dream with me. Share a latte as we turn the pages of your journey and soar.

Hi, I’m Tina Yeager. I’m so glad you stopped by to visit my page today. If your soul aches for inner healing and fulfillment, you’ve found the first chapter of your rewritten tale. I’d love to take your hand and guide you on a new journey toward the life of your dreams.
I’ve been licensed as a mental health counselor since 2005 and appeared as an expert on TCT Network TV, Life Today Live, Salem Radio, the Pearls of Promise show, and more than 50 additional media outlets.
I’m a holistic emotional wellness and purpose coach, Flourish Today radio show host, Flourish-Meant podcast and YouTube show host, and an award-winning author, so I understand the challenge of juggling roles. Besides a daily matcha latte, what keeps me going is my hope of inspiring someone like you. Your well-being is my mission, and your time is precious.

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I look forward to sharing inspiration with you.