A Good Neighbor to the Grieving

  • The stages of grief (Loss, shock, Protest, Disorganization, Reorganization, Recovery)
  • What to say–and what NOT to say– when responding to those experiencing loss
  • Everyone grieves differently
  • Long term recovery goal is NOT forgetting, but remembering
  • Give space, but don’t exclude.
  • Invite, but don’t pressure
  • Speak love, not platitudes.
  • [bctt tweet=”Silence and presence often convey the most compelling message of compassion.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
  • Don’t pretend nothing happened. Acknowledge the pain and offer love, listening, and prayers.
  • Offer specific help, not “anything.”
  • Suggest giving a gift in honor of the loved one they lost.
  • Check in with them weekly during the holidays.
  • Pray for them daily.
  • How professionals can help

The grief wheel diagram is found on this site.
David Kessler offers an extensive list of answers to common questions about grief on his site, Grief.com.
Elizabeth Kubler Ross Foundation website has a list of resources and supportive organizations.

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