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Ever wondered how life can seem too-full, yet hollow all at once? In the midst of our drive to fulfill commitments, the sense of fulfillment drifts out of reach. Heartfires fade to a cool ember and fingertips which once connected us to others grow numb. We needn’t be rich to commiserate with King Solomon’s famed words of existential dissatisfaction, “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14, Holy Bible, New International Version®).
We approach the most commercially exploited season of the year. When fake cheer salts the wounds of despairing souls. When cynicism deepens. Though sales of synthetic fireplaces rise, they cannot dismiss the growing holiday chill. Our souls ache, hungry for meaning amid the sentiments. We need a breath of fresh life to revive our spiritual flames.
The birth of Listen, Love, Repeat could not prove more timely. This insightful book offers hope for the numb, and releases right when audiences most need refreshment.
Gift-wrapped in delicious personal stories, recipes, and scripture, Karen Ehman presents readers with a glorious opportunity. We can revitalize our souls through simple adjustments in perspective. Ehman invites us to open our ears and hearts so we can experience deep fulfillment.
Listening and loving change our experience of the world. Ehman simplifies others-centered living and crafts an accessible path for readers to follow the path of saints. She echoes the premise taught by Saint Theresa, ““Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.”[i] The book encourages readers to listen for the moments when others share the treasures of their hearts. The author suggests we take our eyes off the demands of our schedule for just a few key moments here and there. Focus on the needs beside us.

“Because Jesus wasn’t about doing big things.
He was about doing the right thing. And often for him,
the right thing was noticing one simple soul.” (p. 19)

We need not balk at the concept of merciful living as if it consisted of grand gestures. Instead, the joy of inspiration radiates in ordinary moments. Ehman calls them “moments of ordinary holiness”(p. 26). Each opportunity we take to offer a small token of care to another lights a candle to dispel the shadows. Each spark raises the warmth of the whole world.
Listen, Love, Repeat underscores the significance of the marginalized. The people we might otherwise overlook can transform us in ways we never imagined. Outreach holds the greatest opportunity to offer meaning to our existence.

“When we look beyond ourselves— and beyond the
flaws and quirks of others— we see God.” (p. 91)
“Within the faces of the unlovely and
hard- to- love, we must see ourselves. We must recognize
that we too, at our very core, are unlovable as well.” (p. 177-178)
“If our perspective each day can be “I am in it for you”
instead of “What is in it for me?” we will discover the joy
of serving Jesus— without expecting anything in return.” (p. 48)

With the natural human alignment toward self-interest, resetting ourselves to prioritize others won’t be easy. The title indicates we’ll need ongoing discipline to implement this concept. Instead of leaving readers to navigate this journey on their own, Listen, Love, Repeat clarifies the steps. The book lists ways to shift focus and share love. Each chapter includes probing, swab-like questions to unclog the ears and open the heart. These helpful sections also provide practical suggestions to help readers put the principles of others-centered living into practice.
Avoiding lofty tones or heavy theological droning, Karen Ehman relates this insightful concept with a down-to-earth style. Audiences will find her words hospitable.
“Sometimes the best strategy is to keep your mouth shut
and your hands open.” (p. 181)
Anecdotes and recipes add to readers’ sense of ease with the flow of Listen, Love, Repeat. Karen Ehman writes as if she has invited us over for coffee-chat in her living room. Her style proves relevant to her call of hospitality.
Will you venture into the challenge to Listen, Love, Repeat?
Learn more about this timely inspiration at Karen Ehman’s website or Facebook pageYou can order your copy today at Amazon.
* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Bonus Refreshments!

Bible Study DVD
Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World (Zondervan, November 15, 2016) is Karen Ehman’s ninth book and has a Bible study with DVD with it. Karen is an encourager to women and her life work is to help women live their priorities and to love their lives.
Study Guide
Listen, Love, Repeat is an excellent source of grace that we can all soak in and take to the table and living rooms of our family members.
Your presence and attitude maybe the magnet that pulls others to you and points them to Jesus. What better gift can we give than pointing someone to Jesus? To help take this step the Listen, Love, Repeat review opportunity includes a book AND study guide with DVD for you to share with a friend on social media!
About Karen Ehman
Karen is a Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker and New York Times bestselling author. She is also the Speaker Track Director of the She Speaks Conference and a teaching staff member of Proverb 31’s writers training program COMPEL. In Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World Karen talks about listening for heart drops – a heart drop is when a person, either directly or in a cryptic way, gives you a peek into his or her heart – and what to do when we hear them. When we take notice of those who are in our presence we are able to mimic what some refer to as the same ministry Jesus has. Karen says, “Jesus’ real ministry was the person he found standing in front of Him” and asks, “Who is that for you today?”


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[i]  Kate Reilly, “10 of Mother Teresa’s Most Powerful Quotes, ” Time, September 3, 2016, available at (accessed November 7, 2016).

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    Looking for a new Bible study. This sounds wonderful.

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    I’ve been hearing great things about this book. And I agree, Tina, this mess of other-centered living is a timely message. Thank you for sharing this opportunity! xoxo

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