Getting a Fresh Outlook

Our relocation to a new place stank. No, literally. Sour odors and musty smells haunted me from every corner of the house. I scrubbed until my eyes nearly swelled shut. After hiring someone to help clean, I found more layers of dirt lingering. The dust kept showing up. Baseboards, French doors, shutters, and blinds sent me coughing and sneezing daily. I cleaned until I choked. Yesterday, I discovered more of my enemy sediments in the high places. After removing, wiping, and repainting the chandeliers, I’ll still need to clean the old ceiling fans and plant shelves. After over two weeks of chasing the grime, it seems I may never get my place clean enough.

As I lay in bed this morning, another wave of overwhelm crashed over me. I slid off the edge of my bed to pray. It was as close to getting up as I could muster. During my meditation with God, I raised my aching arms and lifted up my negative mood.

The Spirit nudged me to consider why I teach others from a positive and encouraging perspective. I noted how focusing on the goal of Christ-likeness and His eternal hope inspires me infinitely more than shame. Where I’m going, my goal, motivates me more than what I must leave behind or get rid of. Focusing on the negatives simply isn’t a sustainable way to live the abundant life in Christ.

Then, the issue of my negative attitude about my circumstances stuck its tongue out at me in the spiritual mirror.

Despite my message of positivity and motivation, I had gotten stuck in the mire of negative focus. I needed to focus on why I would live well in my new circumstances. What will I do to glorify God in the space I’m cleaning up?

My house and heart will never reach perfect sanctification during my mortal life. Yet I can freshen my outlook a little more each day. And with the proper perspective, I can live with joy while I do so.

Got any spaces in need of freshening in your life? You’re not alone in your situation, and the Spirit is reaching out His hand to help you thrive through the process.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Encouraged,



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