Fresh Taste of Autumn

Fresh Taste of Autumn.Ninety degree steam settles over our neighborhood, suspending us in Florida’s extended summer. Our trees will hold onto their leaves for a few months more. Tropical chills will sweep them away without the colorful pageantry of autumn.

Garnet and orange decor brush hints of the season along our interiors. We bake pumpkin muffins and caramel nut pies to forge its aromas within our nesting places. Some of us turn down the air conditioning, desperate for a fresh taste of autumn.

We crave familiar comforts when journeying through a season of transition. Just as the sensory trappings of autumn carry us from summer’s warmth into winter’s chill, our spiritual paths encounter seasons of transition.

Periods of growth lead us to festivals of harvest, often followed by a time of intense dependence upon the Lord’s provision and protection. Whether circumstances announce obvious signs or not, acknowledging your spiritual season prepares you to optimize the purpose it serves in your life. Respond to growth opportunities. Reap and praise during the harvest, while storing some extra thanksgiving prayers to last through the winter. Remember that life’s chill can strengthen and sweeten the fruits of our spiritual gifts if we persevere in faith.

What spiritual season swirls in the air of your life right now? How can you use its aromatic lessons to bless your life and others?

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  1. Rick Stassi

    I feel the onset of another season of spiritual transition. It is beautiful that we see the results of God’s daily work in us. Pumpkin muffins make it all the sweeter 🙂 Thanks.


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