Focus Within You, Part Two

The iris rose above her unpleasant past and stretched higher. While violets and clover bloomed just above the earth, her stems remained barren. Iris sisters bloomed beside her, but she continued to reach her simple stalk upward. No measuring stick would dictate when she could stop growing. The calendar could not predict the moment of her fruition. The iris did not strive toward a marker, but she simply pursued more sunlight. She refused to wilt in despair over her failure to bloom. When the heavens kissed her face with the perfect bliss of glory, she bloomed full and beautiful.
Today, let’s explore another shimmer of wisdom in the face of an iris.

Keep growing heavenward, and you’ll bloom full.

Patience eludes us, especially in our culture of productivity measurements. We calculate the worth of our lives by how much of this we’ve obtained or achieved by a certain age. Nature teaches us the beauty within us will burst forth when we seek God’s light. Not by forcing a timeline or measurement on our fruition. Not by fretting over what we need to do, but by growing into who we were always meant to become. Remember, true beauty blesses the Creator first and others as an overflow. It cannot be measured in quantity, years, or significance. A bloom for a single child, a tiny baby’s breath on an altar, and a tree blossoming to beget a sapling for another generation all serve their divine purpose with magnificent glory. We might never understand our impact, so measuring it is better done by One with a higher perspective than us. Our job is not to measure, but to raise our stalks and journey upward. As we blossom, continued growth keeps us alive.
Here are a few feeder spikes for continual growth toward the warmth and light of heaven.
1. Ask self-improvement questions, such as, “Can I show love and grace more selflessly than I did yesterday?”
2. Keep learning. Take a disaster response class, or purchase a Bible study.
3. Rub shoulders with those who know what you don’t. Younger or older friends can offer new ideas and wisdom to bolster your growth.
4. If despair threatens, don’t give up. Reach out to others who can help you regain a sense of purpose and spiritual hope.
Share your tips with us, and we’ll help one another keep growing. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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