Focus Within You, Part Three

Putrid earth envelopes the grubby, dull bulb. The unappealing skin chafes against its chilly, dank surroundings. Hoping for light it has never seen, the bulb forces a tender sprout to wriggle through the oppressive darkness. The shoot summons all the energy it can muster and presses through the crust of earth. In the shade of mature neighbors, the wisp of growth catches only a faint hint of light. She thirsts to drink more of heaven and become more than the clump of earth-bound tubers she has been.
The iris strains as she persists upward. With every inch of growth, she drinks more of the nourishing glow above. In time, sunshine drenches the green stalks. She arrives at the moment for her purpose to unfold. The hibiscus grins from her high branch nearby, but she cannot define the color of the iris. Nor can the low cloud of clover blossoms. Or a cheerful gerbera daisy with the best intent.
Her true colors burst from within her core. Heavenly light draws her destiny into bloom, and the once-striving wisp becomes who she was meant to be. Unlike any flower in the garden, the iris drapes her petals into a unique flow of amethyst-ribboned glory. Her fruition might bless a single passer-by, or a hundred. Either way, she fulfills the greatest joy of any flora. She obeyed her purpose and became one with the drink of sunshine.
The wisdom of an iris reveals her persistent growth toward divine purpose.
Barriers threaten our fruition at every turn. It’s easier to give up when the chill of darkness threatens to steal our hope. Comparisons, despair, and self-doubt creep in to thwart our progress. Neighbors appear to accomplish goals we thought were ours to achieve. Productivity washes around our feet and seems to pass by without nudging us onward. Well-meaning friends can even advise us to strive for a sensible destiny which falls short of the divine call.
Only the Creator knows your true color. His presence alone can bring about your glorious purpose. At the divine moment.
Our bloom depends on spiritual alignment. Here are a few stretches to grow toward the Son:
1. Read.
Drink inspiration each day. Scripture draws us closer to the Creator and offers glimpses of His nature. Use a commentary or study guide for clarity and deeper insight.
2. Meditate.
Let the truths soak in. Take time to think about your reading. Sort through conflicting ideas and emotions.
3. Pray.
Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. Pour out the fears, doubts, and woundedness. Seek the truth of who you are while engaging in conversation with the One who created you.
4. Listen.
Leave quiet moments in prayer to listen. Even if you hear nothing at first. Listen to the voices of spiritually mature neighbors, too, but don’t give their words more authority than the combined truths of scripture and prayer. Good friends can offer flawed counsel as an innocent mistake. Make sure the advice you follow lines up with scripture and prayer.
5. Repeat and persist.
Don’t simply try the process once and give up. Or sample it a couple of times and consider your growth complete. Spiritual alignment takes daily maintenance and must be cultivated as an ongoing lifestyle.
Let us know how your growth process is coming along. If you have tips to align with the Son and fulfill your purpose, share those with us, as well. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.
Be Encouraged,

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