Fine Day

A river rock path curved past the waterfall. Bloom-jeweled fronds waved at me from exotic plants. Sculpted shrubs framed the masterpiece gardens around my path. I inhaled the fragrance of evening and marvel at the awesome display of artistry I was so privileged to enjoy. Infinitely more wonderful than the garden.

Each pair of eyes glimmered with the unique flourish of their ¬†Creator’s light. Brilliant stories poured from those to whom I listened. My Father’s signature artistry stirred my heart again and again.

How I love to see His work!

For weeks, I’ve searched and prayed in a desperate quest to discover my passion. ¬†It’s here somewhere. In the appreciation of divine worth. In esteeming God-sculpted character traits. In encouraging sacred dreams tugging heartstrings.

I might continue squinting, unable to discern my entire path. A glimpse of my Father’s design nourishes my soul with joy. Whether I foresee my life’s purpose or not, it’s a fine day

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