Feeling Overstuffed?

Turkey floats through your nap-dreams on rivers of gravy. Pie monsters chase you with forks and prod you to a half-wakened stupor. The room spins, blurs into view. You could clean that, fix this, do such-and-such. Getting off the couch remains the most sensible way to make the most of your weekend. But, you seem to have swallowed a bowling ball.
We’ve all overdone it before. Loads of food. Lots of visitors. Piling it on until the body presses its own emergency brake. Fortunately, we don’t have to remain stuck in park. If you’re feeling overstuffed this holiday weekend, here are three quick tips to renew your energy.

    1. Breathe.

    Take full breaths to oxygenate your brain and bloodstream. Inhale to fill your chest and diaphragm, then exhale slowly. Try five to ten full breaths of fresh, smoke-free air to revive your mind.

    2. Kedge with positive thoughts.

    For centuries, sailors used a kedging technique to pull themselves out of a moored situation. They threw a tethered anchor to a better spot and pulled the boat toward it. Think of positive outcomes which result from your next movements. Or plan to bless yourself with a pleasant activity after you complete the next task. By casting an inspiring thought into the future, you can pull yourself into motion.

    3. Push.

    Press through the inertia of sitting still. Getting up from stasis takes doing, but sometimes you just have to make yourself do it. Just insist on taking that first step. The push to get out of the rut is the hardest part. After that, nothing else will be as challenging because you’ve already started moving.

I hope your holiday overflows with love without miring you in feeling stuffed. Share your Thanksgiving joys and tips with us. I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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