Fall into Health: Easy Ways to Avoid Turning into a Pumpkin this Autumn

With so many fun treats to enjoy during the autumn months, we can morph into gourds if we let our indulgences get out of hand. Not to worry, though. With a few easy tips, we can cherish fall and keep our bodies healthy at the same time. Following the five facets of great health will allow us to dance through the harvest months with energy and fun.

  • Stay Active – Major in the minors. Do what you can maintain. Add fun exercise and make everyday tasks more active.
  • Hydrate – Add a little more water each day. Replace soda with water or seltzer. Eat melons and water-laden fruits.
  • Nourish – Cut back a little every day on simple starches and sugars. Replace empty calories with delicious, nutrient-packed alternatives. Consider stevia and oat flour, to have your cake and eat it, too. Enjoy autumn superfoods like pumpkin. Add in a few more fruits and veggies each day. Fuel your brain with protien to stay focused and work smart.
  • Relax – Nourish your heart, mind, and spirit. Include a few minutes of meditation, prayer, deep breathing each day. Add positive input to your mind through uplifting music, devotionals, or art work. Identify your favorite twenty-minute mental vacation (bath, woodworking, birdwatching, reading, e.g.)
  • Sleep – Adopt rituals to improve your slumber quality. Turn off blue light wavelengths an hour before bedtime. No television or phone use in bed. Keep it cool. Consider aromatherapy and stretching.

Do you have any favorite health tips for autumn? Share them with us in the comments below. I look forward to reading your comments.
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