Facing a Dead End? Check Out this Inspiring Book!

dead end
Extended unemployment. Health issues. Relational stalemates. Sometimes life seems to mire us in a quicksand where our efforts sink in futility. We lose sight of dreams which once gleamed on the horizon. Mud seeps into our ears, muffling attempts at encouragement from those whose understanding we’ve begun to question. Doubts pull against motivation. Though we struggle to keep up the effort of holding our heads above the sludge, we must not settle our face in this mire. Our life depends upon breathing hope.
How can we hold onto hope when facing a dead end?
First, we must believe in something more than our present circumstances. Faith wields the power to rescue us from, sustain us through, or optimize our impact because of the most difficult situations of our lives. Believing in the unseen or what cannot yet be seen allows us to harness strength beyond our circumstances. When focused only on what’s around us, that’s all we have to go on. All we have to think about. All we have to hope for. The insufficiency of circumstances to sustain us becomes painfully clear when we find ourselves moored in the doldrums. Believers chart a course to a worthy destination and cannon blast their anchors to its coordinates. Their hope soars to tether itself beyond their line of vision. They proceed to pull their lifeline toward it with all their hearts.
What if belief remains an elusive or slippery notion? Inspiration can bolster our grip when we struggle to hang onto hope. Stories of others who experienced similar or worse kinds of suffering can lift us to see possibility for survival and life beyond our present strife. Inspiration lingers within easy reach through films, internet sources, and books.
This week’s book recommendation offers both faith and inspiration. For those searching for a story to meet or exceed the gravity of their situation, there remains no graver dead-end than death itself.
In Destiny’s Doorway, E. Polly Boehme recounts her journey through death and back. After a fatal car accident, medical professionals revived her with CPR. With a bleak prognosis, Polly teetered on the brink of life while maleficent visitors threatened to push her over the edge. Her story of sustained faith and victory over darkness elevates inspiration to a supernatural level.
Check out this quick and unique read on Amazon at Destiny’s Doorway: How I Stayed Alive in the Face of Death.
What strengthens your grip on hope? Let me know if Polly’s story inspired you, or if you have other tips for struggling souls. I look forward to reading your comments.
* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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