Energy of True Beauty

Energy of True Beauty

Halfway through printing my last book proposal, the ink faded. Soon the pages blanched to wordless sheets. In all the baskets lining the shelves of my office closet, only one cartridge could be found–and it didn’t fit my printer. How could I have purchased the wrong type of ink?

No! My lovely work had to be ready in a few days! In order to present readable work to the editors at my upcoming writers conference, I dashed to the office supply store.

This time, I took great care to match the exact brand and model to my equipment. After scanning a wall covered with hundreds of cartridges, I finally found the specific ink type numbers to fit my printer. On the way to pay for the expensive replacement, I happened upon the owner of my favorite local day spa.  We exchanged greetings while shuffling toward the register.

She examined a metallic blue usb cord, one of  the strategically placed products near the checkout line.

My eyes were drawn to the gleaming shade of light blue-gray, too. I nodded toward the item. “Ooh, that’s pretty.”

My salon owner frowned. “I don’t remember which type I need.”

“Well, beauty doesn’t matter if there’s no energy in it.”

My comment fell from my lips with an unintended, profound thud. Awkward in the moment, actually. But the words echoed in my mind for the rest of the day, and I couldn’t help wondering if there might be something more niggling at me.

There had to be a reason why we all seem magnetically drawn to beautiful things. If we’re wired to love splendor, is the allure of beauty truly a vice?

Is there a reason why gardens and galleries speak to my heart? Could it be the same reason spectacularly plated dishes or elegantly braided hair speaks to the hearts of others?

Human nature gravitates toward beautiful things–precisely the reason we refer to loveliness as attractive. The value we place on beauty seems to have intensified with each generation since the dawn of time. Our modern culture worships aesthetics. Billboards, buses, and commercials flood our senses with shame-laced ads. Shed those “unwanted” pounds. You could look irresistible. Trade in that disgraceful ride so you can impress everyone. Dress for success. Miraculous products and services promise our best life looms just on the other side of a polished image.

Yet many lives dressed in those beautiful optics are falling apart beneath the surface. Wealth, glamour, and attractiveness fail to prevent despair. There’s irony in seizing the life of your dreams and finding yourself in a nightmare. Many of us pursue attractive goals which have no hope of fulfilling us. The allure promises joy, but offers no lasting energy to our lives. We spend our lives chasing a well of lucrative, glimmering oil, only to dehydrate because we truly needed water above all.

Perhaps our desire for beauty is a misinterpreted yearning in our hearts to re-connect with our Father, the origin of true loveliness. We’re driven to seek the oils of aesthetics because of a thirst for another well, one which would quench our souls with living water.

Because there’s nothing inherently evil about beauty itself as an attribute. God designed a glorious universe filled with breathtaking wonders. From spangled galaxies to microscopic masterpieces, He fashioned countless living and inorganic works of art. The moment He sculpted them, God declared all of creation “good.” Even us. In fact, He created us with particular love and attention. We are LOVE-ly in the eyes of our Father, who sculpted us in His own likeness.

Each new dawn, birth, and bloom demonstrate the divine nature of true splendor. Our creative talents show our heritage as children of a Master Artist. We can draw upon the original concept of loveliness by honoring the divine with stunning work. Our passion for beauty could prove fulfilling–if there’s faith-energy flowing through it.

Instead of chasing the mirage, we can reach a true oasis. Far more wondrous and breathtaking, yet with real hydration to quench what our hearts thirst for most. Much like the correct model of ink needed to convey my message to readers or the proper cables to deliver energy, we must plug into the glorious mediums which bring truth and life into our souls.

The allure of beauty needn’t become a futile pursuit. We can seek splendor if  we know how to look for the mode which suits our truest needs.

Today’s video discusses the following keys to fulfilling and beautiful aspirations:

  • Does it spring from an inward beauty?
  • Will this cause pain or harm to the helpless?
  • Am I enjoying this at another person’s expense?
  • Does it carry tones of shame?
  • Does this art form align with the values of the Creator?
  • Who or what receives honor from this?
  • Could this provide benefit to others?
  • What is the goal? Could it offer emotional connection, encouragement, or inspiration? Does it raise awareness or invite peace?

What art forms speak to your soul? In what ways can your pursuit of beauty prove life-energizing? Share your comments with us. Don’t miss the inspiring offers below, including special opportunities for creatives who write and blog. I look forward to hearing about the beautiful things you plan to enjoy, share, and create!

Be Encouraged,


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