Eight Balanced Living Tips for Healthy Relationships

We now focus our balanced living series upon the issue central to our hearts:  relationships. In today’s culture of incessant overwhelm, we’re under pressure to work harder and prove our significance. We hear countless tips on how to strive for accomplishments while many of us remain at a loss for how to manage life’s most significant element–relationships. Today’s video explores how to restore balanced living and maintain healthy relationships.

  • Recognize WHO is a priority. Never attempt to prioritize temporal WHATs over eternally significant WHOs.
    • W – Worship and Work must center on love.
    • H – Humility is recognizing your position in Christ before God and among others. Humility is NOT self-deprecation, but appropriate respect for God, self, and others and a service-minded heart.
    • O – Offer blessings to empower others, not cripple them. Resist enabling, comparison, and other destructive forms of interaction.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Be the friend you want to have, to yourself and to others.
  • Practice clear communication. Hints, suggestions, and mind-reading expectations set us up for tragic disappointments and disastrous relationship experiences.
  • Limit exposure to toxic relationships.
  • Optimize your relational well being by surrounding yourself with healthy people. Join groups who serve and demonstrate mutual respect for one another.
  • Hearts grow when they give. Be generous with compassion and volunteer.
  • Avoid over-scheduling yourself. Leave enough margin to refill your soul’s well with good things to pour into others. A continuous heart-flow in, through, and out will guard you against burn out and the stagnant marshes of self-centeredness.

Which practices seem most helpful for you to restore healthy relationships in your life? I look forward to reading your comments and engaging with you.
Be Encouraged,

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