Eat Your Cake Today

“’Eat it today,’ Moses said, ‘because today is a sabbath to the LORD'” (Exodus 16:25).

We’ve all heard the terrible story of Titanic’s victims who forfeited dessert to save their figure. Though I don’t advocate gluttony or any other sort of hedonism, each day has it’s own sweet opportunities. The gift loses its benefit when overlooked or hoarded. Yesterday and tomorrow must not be permitted to steal the value of today’s blessings.

The lesson of manna brings us permission to enjoy each taste of divine cake provided for the moment. Manna tasted like coriander seed wafers, sweet like honey (Exodus 16). God provided a sweeter treat than ordinary bread. Each person could collect only the proper amount for the day at hand. With the exception of worship days, leftovers rotted.

Life works the same way. When we store up the past, living in regret and bitterness, it rots our present. Hoarding up fears of tomorrow also deprives us of the sweet joy available today. Divine peace allows us to retain wisdom and grace instead of regret and bitterness. We exert only enough time and energy to be responsible to tomorrow without allowing anxiety beyond our ability to take action to erode our experience of today.

Like the Hebrews in Exodus, thoughts of the past and fears of the future tempt us to miss God’s presence with us today. Knowing how to sort out the past and prepare for tomorrow without worrying can seem impossible. In fact, we can’t manage the balance without God’s help. The Holy Spirit provides guidance each day for how to absorb lessons, prepare responsibly, and live today in the fullness of God’s indwelling  presence.

If we nourish our minds and spirits from God’s hand, growth will bless our days. Each day. What sort of cake will you share with the Lord and those He loves today?

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