Do Your Dreams Matter?

Do your goals and dreams really matter?

Have you ever been working on a goal or pursuing a dream and then you have one of those days? Things are not progressing like you hoped they would. You’ve hit a roadblock. Life happened and now the setbacks are frustrating.

And then that voice enters your mind and questions if this is all really worth it. Is all this hustle making a difference? Should I just give up, go lay on the couch and watch Netflix?

Although I do enjoy a day of Netflix from time to time, I want to offer some encouragement to you. Something I have learned over the past few years that has made all the difference in how I approach goals and dreams in my life.

They matter.

They matter because your life matters. Your life is no mistake. You are here for a reason and you are meant to live out the fullest expression of yourself and part of that is through accomplishing goals and dreams that you were designed to do.

But there is an even bigger reason. Not only do our goals and dreams help us, but they impact others. You fulfilling your purpose affects the next person fulfilling theirs. Think about it. Many of us find motivation to do more with our lives because we have seen others do the same. Seeing what someone else can accomplish helps us believe that we can, too!

Therefore, it only makes sense that we would do the same for others. Our goals and dreams will make an impact on others. Those closest to us. Those who are acquaintances. And even those who we will never even meet. We are much more connected that we realize.

So when you are having a rough day, remember this. It isn’t simply about you. When you feel frustrated, think about those who will be impacted. No matter what the goal or dream is, it is going to make a different in the lives of others. And your accomplished goals and dreams will motivate someone else to start theirs. And the ripple effect becomes even larger.

I would encourage you to take a minute and write down that goal or dream that you are pursuing. Write down how accomplishing it will help you in your own life. And then write down the people that could be impacted by it. Begin to visualize how even the smallest of goals could have a big impact on the world.

Are there going to be frustrating moments? Yes! Will there be days that you want to give up? Oh yes! But what I know for sure is that there is a world out there that needs you to hustle. They need you to live out your best life so that they will find the courage, the belief, and the motivation to do the same with theirs.

I want to say a big thank you to Tina for letting me encourage all of you. She is doing her part to make a difference in the world! If I can help any of you, please reach out to me!

The world needs your hustle!

Kevin Buchanan

Kevin Buchanan

Kevin Buchanan lives in the awesome city of Nashville, Tennessee! He is a writer, speaker, and goal coach. His message centers around the unwavering truth that your life matters. That the goals and dreams in your life are there for a reason and are meant to be lived out now! Kevin is known for his love of Target, Chick Fil A, chocolate, and all things plaid! Be sure to check out his site to learn more about his work, coaching, and upcoming book!

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