Depression Clouding Your Freedom? Hope Prevails

Independence Day marks the ultimate celebration of Americana. Countrymen rejoice over freedom together with simple pleasures topped with fireworks. Laughter spangles countless backyards and parks, where families and neighbors gather around tables laden with pie, chips, and homemade slaw. Steaming platters of fresh-grilled burgers and dogs fill the air with the scents of comfort food. Palates fully sated with sweets, smoky meats, and salted delights, folks linger to watch the sunset. Parents share contented smiles while children skip among them wielding sparklers. And they wait in expectant hope for the joyful finale to light up the skies overhead.
While many Americans enjoy a brilliant night, some cannot see past the darkness within. Depression dulls their taste of comfort, rips laughter from their hearts, and robs their souls of hope. Laughter floats over the neighborhood fences and grates on the ear of a despairing spirit. Holidays often ache deepest upon those suffering from depression. The expectation to celebrate dumps the salt of shame on the gaping wound of despondency.
I should feel happy. Why can’t I enjoy this like everyone else? I want to live in freedom from this painful place, but I don’t know how to overcome the first step. Is there any hope?
In her new book, Hope Prevails, Dr. Michelle Bengtson writes, “When you experience despair daily, and it seems no matter what you try, things don’t get better, it becomes easier for you to accept that your feelings are ‘normal,’ that this is your fate. But hope prevails! I say this not just because I am a doctor but because I’ve been there.”
With less emphasis upon her clinical insight as a neuropsychologist and more upon her own struggle through depression, Bengtson reaches out to offer hope to those in despair. She shares the key role of faith in her own journey out of emotional darkness. Supportive scriptures fill the book’s pages. Each chapter concludes with compassionate prayers and a list of uplifting music selections.
Dr. Bengtson recognizes the importance of traditional healing modalities for depression, as well. She recommends seeking therapy, adequate rest, appropriate nutrition. Medication should be considered with the same respect and care for mental health as for other medical conditions.The unfortunate flaw in modern therapeutic and medical approaches to depression does not lie in their lack of validity, but in their failure to incorporate the most vital component of all healing–faith.[bctt tweet=”The unfortunate flaw in modern therapeutic and medical approaches to depression does not lie in their lack of validity, but in their failure to incorporate the most vital component of all healing–faith.” username=”tyeagerwrites”]
“The majority of books written on the subject, as well as many treating practitioners, ignore the spiritual side of depression. The spiritual battle is the reason more people aren’t effectively treated and why individuals frequently expereince recurrence after treatment,” the author notes.
From the first chapter, the book affirms those who suffer and offers a step-by-step path toward recovery. Dr. Bengtson assures readers they are not alone. She explains both the scientific and spiritual components of despair. Key issues, such as joy, peace, identity, and security, receive due empathy while aiming toward resolution. Each chapter includes effective “prescriptions,” so readers can take acheivable steps toward the goal of overcoming depression.
Hope Prevails delivers a comprehensive healing journey, with the power to affect life change. As a licensed counselor, I recommend this book with confidence. I’m also giving away a free copy at the end of this month. If you’d like a chance to win, please share this post and comment below.
You can also visit Dr. Michelle Bengtson on her website at for downloadable resources and additional information.  Hope Prevails is available on Amazon or at your favorite retailer (Barnes and Noble,, BAM).
* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Best wishes on the contest, and I look forward to your comments. All who complete this journey can claim a greater win. Let this Independence Day mark the first step in your path to emotional freedom.
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