Creative Ways to Dose up on SUNSHINE

Laying out. Sunbathing. Tanning. Lobsterwoman beach-bake. Call it what you will, but I never enjoyed lying still in a puddle of sweat. Maybe it’s because my only hope of tanning rests in the day my freckles bleed together. My pale flesh resists those rays, so friends stand a better chance of bronzing from the reflection.
We all need natural doses of sunlight’s precious vitamin e. Research also supports implementing light therapy to elevate mood and improve focus. Productivity increases when we take a break to absorb natural sunlight. Full spectrum lamps help those in sun-deprived regions to battle depression.
So, in order to prevent an unhealthy decline in mood–or transformation into a vampire, whichever comes first–I’ve had to develop creative strategies for including sunshine in my lifestyle.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Plant something beautiful.  While any yard work or gardening task requires us to venture outside, living artwork makes your outdoor tasks more rewarding.
  2. Stroll through the Master Artist’s gallery. Sunrise or sunset timing sets a divine masterpiece as the backdrop for your neighborhood walk.
  3. Dine al fresco. Whether noshing at a waterside cafe or on your back porch, meal time can offer a refreshing opportunity to take in some vitamin e.
  4. Shop the quaint spots. Boutiques and local craftsmen trend in outdoor shopping areas. I love those niche marketplaces, often brick-paved in the flavorful arts districts of town. In warmer seasons, this strategy allows intermittent relief in the air conditioned shoppes.
  5. Walk a prayer circle. One of my favorite non-fiction reads, The Circle Maker, encourages prayer walks. Whether you have concerns to lift up regarding your own household or want to extend your circle to include neighbors, a prayer walk adds Sonlight to your dose of healthy rays.

What strategies motivate you to include fresh air and sunbeams? Share them with us! I look forward to reading your comments.
Be Encouraged,

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