Courageous Women of the Bible: A Recommended Read!

Have you checked your courage level lately? Anxiety-mongering news stories swirl like impending hurricanes on our horizons. Expectations for women thunder overhead. In these worrisome times, we gals often feel more inclined to cower under our quilts rather than stand on our purposes. For those low on morale, an invitation to become like a Biblical heroine seems more than overwhelming. Yet the new release, Courageous Women of the Bible, holds the keys to untangling us from these insecurities to live our potential in faith.
LaTan Roland Murphy invites readers to join her at the kitchen table. She offers us a spiritual pep talk you don’t want to miss. With personal transparency, Murphy embraces modern and biblical women into her huddle of faith.
Courageous Women of the Bible brings the heroes of scripture to life, settling them into emotional seats alongside ours. She highlights their life-lessons as beacons to the courageous potential we each hold within. The vivid figures seem near enough to grasp hands with us across our dinette set. LaTan connects us with the timeless issues faced by biblical heroines, close friends, and herself. Her writing touches hearts with inspiration as well as practical faith-solutions to our struggles with insecurity.
Queries and storytelling style draw us through the content. We’re led through a journey of discovering real-life heroines in the Bible and in ourselves. Each chapter concludes with insightful questions, but Murphy offers us more depth than most authors. She also includes a journal section at the back of the book to mark this adventure in courageous growth.
This compelling book both encourages women and challenges them to grow stronger in faith. Readers feel nestled in a warm nook of friendship with the author and her favorite biblical heroines. Yet, the call to stand in courage and fulfill one’s purpose buoys the soul. LaTan helps her audience rise to a brave stance from which they can live fully for God.
I highly recommend Courageous Women of the Bible: Leaving Behind Fear and Insecurity for a Life of Confidence and Freedom. The book is available at AmazonBarnes and NobleCBDLifeway, and Books A Million. LaTan Murphy’s brave authenticity shines in her speaking as well as in her writing. Consider supporting this faith-filled leader her ministry of encouraging women. Connect with LaTan on her website at

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