Considering a Dream?

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Ever had a dream float into your mind? Perhaps you considered it a moment, turning the concept between your fingertips. A tingling sensation whirled in your core and grew with each moment you dared to hope. Your spirit urged your mind to sustain the notion. This idea sparklled and buzzed with glorious origin. Light streamed in through its edges. Such ethereal matters could be dismissed as flimsy. Delicate as a feather, our divine purpose flutters in the wind’s breath in hopes of taking flight.
Many of us lock such ideas away in a chest. Impractical, if not impossible. Let’s get our heads out of those proverbial clouds, we say. Once in a while, the miraculous occurs. We opt out of burying our potential. Faith tightens our grip on heaven-sent dreams. And the quest begins.
If you’re considering the courageous and uncommon quest to live out your life’s potential, I have a delightful read to recommend. Bruce Wilkinson’s The Dream Giver delineates the challenges every dreamer faces on the road to success. Best of all, Wilkinson draws readers into the journey of God-given destiny with a story. I adore stories, don’t you?
He recounts the tale of Ordinary, who must overcome the same trials we all suffer when pursuing a dream. From border bullies and desert lands to giants, the story draws us through a common path. This book revives discouraged readers, for we learn two important facts about the journey. First, we are not alone in this challenging experience. Second, the promised land can, indeed, be reached if we persevere.
Wilkinson shifts to non-fiction in the second part of the book, shining a light on the road to triumphant living. We glean survival tips and guidance to help us stay on track. Dreamers need support, and the author offers himself as a magnificent coach.
My hope for you is an abundant life, rich with many actualized dreams. If you long to fulfill your life’s God-given purpose, take a peek at this pleasant read. I only recommend material I love, and can refer you to this one with confidence. I read it three times and completed the study twice along with the video.
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