Christmas Traditions

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the nation,
toddlers’ “Why” echoes stirred moms to frustration.
“Why do you kiss under missing toes?”
“Why must my wrapped presents wait?”
“Why put a tree where our couch outta go
and lights all over the place?”
While annoyed at a tot’s redundant imploring,
Some why’s of Christmas are well worth exploring.
I adore a historical mystery. Many of our Christmas traditions carry fascinating stories behind their origins. If you’re interested in a memorable holiday journey, take your family along on a trip into Christmas past. Share each ritual’s hidden meaning as you celebrate this year.
In Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, Ace Collins reveals the secrets behind twenty-six yuletide customs. From decorations to symbols and gifts, the staples of holiday cheer come with time-worn tales. Do you know why we represent Christmas with certain colors or where our Advent celebration began? Find out more about the best-loved season in this little gem of a book.
You can get award-winning author Ace Collins’ book on Amazon. I’d love to read about your favorite Christmas traditions and what they mean to you. Please share your comments below.
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  1. Donna Mumma

    Such a great post. Our family has several traditions, with a special one inherited one from my mother. Every year she bought my brothers and I a new ornament, so we would have our own collection to take with us when we moved out on our own. I loved the idea, and took our kids to the Christmas store each year to choose a new one for their collection the day after Thanksgiving.. Even though one is now in college and the other is a junior in high school, they still wanted to go this year!


      Thanks for sharing your precious family traditions, Donna! I love the idea of creating a lasting collection of memories with ornaments!

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