Christmas Jars

We sing carols and string glittering adornments throughout our community. Cards and memes flood our eyes with snippets of sentiment. Our ovens overflow with vanilla and cranberry aromas. We hang these webs of tradition in sticky frostings and garland in hopes of capturing the magical spirit of a holiday season.
Yet, if our efforts rest in warming our own hearts with comfort and joy, we’ll find our souls empty on Christmas morning. The trappings cannot hold a treasure meant for sharing. A simple tale offers this truth of our nativity celebration.
In Christmas Jars, a family begins a tradition of saving pocket change for the holiday. ¬†They set out their collection jar a few months earlier as new births add members to their home. One year, the young daughter gives away Christmas. Her generosity transforms the family’s tradition for decades to come. The joy of sharing spills life-changing blessings across the community.
Jason F. Wright’s little story inspires generosity in its readers. Since its publication in 2005, countless families have paid blessings forward to revitalize hope and energize joy. The true spirit of Christmas flows from the original gift of divine life. God Himself laid down the gold of His glory. He birthed His only Son into a homeless family. Jesus poured out his ministry upon the poor and forsaken, sharing God’s miraculous treasure of life with the world. Christ exemplified the commissions He taught–to share love, give generously, and invite more people into the embrace of eternal hope.
For a heart-warming message of true Christmas spirit, I recommend Wright’s Christmas Jars (available on Amazon). And to fill your soul with overflowing blessings, share Christmas with someone in need this year, too.
Merry Christmas,

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