Can We Recover After this Crisis?

Can We Recover After this Crisis?


From pandemic health and loss struggles to violence and division, the 2020 year has pummeled us. We face an aftermath of financial struggles, family strain, and despair. Even those who once felt confident may now wonder if we can ever restore our lives. Is there hope for recovery after so much devastation?

Although the current state of the world suggests we’ve suffered from unprecedented calamity, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Human history and Biblical accounts prove we’ve been through times like these. And times worse than these. The world wars afflicted us historic levels of destruction and the unspeakable horrors of the holocaust. Long before the evil Nazis rose to power,  other empires throughout history have oppressed the vulnerable. And other disasters, plagues, and conflicts have stricken humankind throughout the ages.

Perhaps the worst phase of human history existed during Noah’s time. The spirits of men ebbed into profound depravity. Our world had grown so vile that “every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time” (Genesis 6:5). God cleansed the earth of the widespread evil in the Great Flood, an event documented by multiple cultures across the world.  As Noah stepped off of his agonizing cruise to examine the remains of life, perhaps he wondered how the world would recover. Might he have had a fleeting concern about whether mankind would come back stronger or revert to the same crisis again?

God set a rainbow into the skies as His recurring promise to rescue and redeem us without ever again using a worldwide flood. As is His nature, the Lord kept His promise in a way we could never have imagined.

Depravity did not remain absent from the world. Horrific empires rose and oppressed the people of God. During such a time of poverty and political tension, the Lord wrapped Himself in the tender skin of an infant and came to dwell among us. Christ arrived as our Savior during one of the world’s dark seasons. He taught us ultimate truth. He delivered inner and outer healing. He showed lost souls the way to hope and optimization. Then Jesus poured Himself out to cleanse us and draw us into eternal life with Him.

Christ spent most of his three-year ministry among the downtrodden, helpless, and afflicted. He embraced, healed, and fed. In this oppressive moment of history, the Lord offered recovery for all generations of despairing hearts. Including our current world, with all its tremendous suffering.

As He shared with us long ago, the truth rings ever true today–there is ALWAYS hope in Christ.

In times of crisis, He calls some of us to bear His message of hope to others. Therefore, a team of Christian speakers have gathered to share the gifts of Jesus with those who desperately need to recover right now. We will teach, offer health, bring practical tips to optimize life. As servants following Jesus, we will pour ourselves out to lift you toward His highest blessings.

Fifteen acclaimed speakers have volunteered their time, donated giveaways, and created freebies. Just. For. You. Join us for practical tools and inspiration to optimize your health, family, career, and emotional well being at Rebound Your Highest: Come Back Stronger After the Struggle. We’re providing this online event at an incredibly low cost to keep the messages accessible for all who need them. Early bird tickets start at only $13.99. Even the standard ticket price is less than a day trip of gasoline.

We’re available to chat with you before, during, and after the pre-recorded event in our closed Facebook group. Since all the messages will post to the group, only registered attendees will have access. Secure your seat from the comfort of your screen at

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