How Can I Trust this Person?

Due to audio issues, I am unable to offer a video post this week. Here’s the content I discussed in my silent Periscope broadcast.
To continue last week’s discussion on building support networks, we’re taking a closer look at who to consider as a member of our back up circle. As many of us might know from experience, some people don’t have the healthy mindset required to support others. Trusting the wrong people can set us back. Unreliable, unhealthy associates can even do more harm than good, in business and personal areas of our lives.

How can we know who to trust?

In the short term, we should take our time deciding how much to entrust to new acquaintances. Not every person in our support network will earn the same level of relationship. Our relationships, business and personal, should consist of narrowing rings of trust. The largest number of people exist on an outer ring. We rely a little on these folks, but not as much as the smaller circles inside it. The inmost circle should contain only a handful of support people, those who have proven themselves worthy of the utmost trust.

Filter candidates

We can love and maintain positive regard for many people, while understanding not all of them have what it takes to back up others effectively. As acquaintances demonstrate whether they can handle the responsibility of your trust, we choose which circles are most appropriate for their level of support. We must discern which of them demonstrate the emotional and social functioning necessary for reliability.

Key factors of a trustworthy person:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Grace
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Self-Control
  • Unselfish Concern
  • Healthy Boundaries

If you still have questions about navigating the tricky waters of trust, you’re not alone. When it comes to social and business relationships, choosing who to trust will never distill to an exact science. Choosing never to trust anyone leaves us isolated and ineffective, however. With a filtering process, we can minimize the number of missteps in relying on those who cannot live up to their roles. These guidelines can help clear the way. For additional support, life coaches also serve as helpful, objective professionals to facilitate complex relationships issues in all areas of our lives. See my coaching page for more details, if you’re interested.
You can also feel free to share your comments with us below. Let’s support one another in this difficult journey through life. I look forward to reading your feedback and hope you have a great week.
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