Book Review: A Mary Like Me

Though repeated, the four black letters slip past the unobservant. The common name blends into a mountain of words. M-A-R-Y identifies distant lifelines on barely tangible, onion-skin pages. In such a long story, from so long ago, what’s significant about a woman’s name?
Perhaps the relevance of M-A-R-Y lies in such a question about our own significance. The ancient women’s stories remind us how we matter to God.
A Mary Like Me breathes fresh life into the timeless experiences of Biblical women. Andy Lee paints the details of their personalities–flawed and struggling, yet persevering. Not born holier than us, each Mary relates to modern readers in her own way. With strengths and vulnerabilities much like ours, these faith ancestresses reach across the centuries to encourage us.
Like the women of ages past, we each bear strengths and flaws in our character. Rebellious, bitter, resentful, we can often fall short of ideal sainthood. Andy Lee reveals how God chose imperfect women just like us. Like them, we can fulfill a spiritual destiny beyond our dreams. A Mary Like Me invites each reader to embrace her unique destiny.
As one who heard this author deliver a spoken message, I count myself honored. Andy Lee speaks as she writes, with a humble heart filled with faith and passion. Andy Lee reveals profound insights in a conversational and relevant style. Her compassion for women shines through her words and touches the soul. I highly recommend the inspirations of this lovely writer, for she uplifts my spirit each time I hear from her.
Will you join me on the encouraging pages of A Mary Like Me? Share your favorite passages with us, or relate where you’d like to discover yourself among the storied women of the ages. I look forward to reading your comments!
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* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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