Book Review: Changes that Heal

Decades ago, I challenged my high school psychologist’s mindset. Regarding an issue in his field, no less. We debated the matter for over an hour. My teacher shooed us out of her classroom so she could lock up and go home. We continued our disagreement through the hall, along the sidewalk, to the landing at the edge of the circular driveway. My mother finally insisted I get into the van to leave.
He remained firm in his position on the static, habitual nature of human beings. People don’t change, he insisted. Despite his prolific use of jargon, I maintained the opposite view. The very thing which makes us human is our capacity to change.
Some folks try to guard themselves  by entrenching in change-averse lifestyles. Ruts. Those who resist adaptation fail to insulate themselves. The failure to grow and learn sets them up for  mental and emotional deterioration. We can choose to worsen or improve, but some type of change will occur.
As you can probably guess, I’m an advocate for intentional growth. I love resources which help boost us in a positive trajectory. Unlike my high school psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud has staked his career upon nurturing healthy changes.
Changes that Heal, guides readers to maturation. Dr. Cloud addresses past wounds, self-acceptance, and bonding with other people. He also includes tasks to cultivate healing and growth. One of my favorite attributes of this book is its comprehensive approach, considering the mind, emotions, and soul.
I’d love to hear what you think about Changes that Heal. Check it out on Amazon or at your favorite retailer. I look forward to hearing your comments!
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