Balancing Productivity and Well-Being

  • Productivity and well-being fuel one another!
  • When you see them as complimentary, it’s easier to keep the balance.
  • Purpose and benefits of self-care – the axe sharpening premise
  • Schedule time to tune your mind, body, heart, and spirit. Set these appointments as a priority. If work interferes, you must reschedule this self-care ASAP.
  • The mind, body, heart, and spirit are designed to need rest, reflection, engagement with community, and nourishment in order to function. You need 7-9 hrs of sleep daily and at least one day of rest weekly, for example.
  • Any aspect you starve will cripple your productivity in other areas.
  • Overindulgence, self-centeredness, and failure to offer sufficient contributions degrade well being over time. Such stagnancy can occur as an overcompensating result of failing to care for mind, body, spirit, and heart effectively.
  • Knowing your vision and purpose, your why, helps focus and center this balance. In a spiritually guided life-purpose, productivity and well-being strengthen one another.
  • When you optimize your life, others will benefit from how AND what you accomplish in your activities.

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