5 Keys to Perfect Love


On a day meant to celebrate the heart, we’re encouraged to purchase gifts as the key to true love.  To embrace lovers, family, or to better love ourselves, the media insists we must buy just the right ticket to harmony. Culture gluts our media with advertisements for the best ways to prove our devotion. Stuff our darlings need. Stuff they need more of. And new stuff to replace the stuff already purchased in abundance.

As if money could buy our most priceless blessing.

God’s heart is the source of true love. Therefore, perfect love–with self or others–must be rooted in faith. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 offers a model for Christlike relationships. This list excludes all mention of spending excessive amounts of money on holidays.

While the path isn’t paved with jewelry and chocolate, a guide to perfect love can help us get there. Today’s video discusses the following essentials to optimize relationships in couples, among family members, and with ourselves:

  • Grace
  • Integrity
  • Communication (see last week’s video)
  • Encouragement
  • Life-Support

Do you have certain ways you’ll demonstrate these elements in your relationships? I look forward to reading your feedback. Until next time, have a blessed and love-drenched week.

Be Encouraged,


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