Have I Wasted Time? Life Repurposed

“Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,’  Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’” – Matthew 4:18-19

I often look back on my life and wonder if I wasted it beyond retrieval. I list certain mistakes and question other choices. What if I had performed better in those years? Should I have taken a different career path? Why didn’t I launch into writing a decade ago? If only I sought deeper friendships, parented better, taken on a lucrative degree, time used well might have increased my life potential.

Though I thank God for His grace to help me after a mistake, lost time never returns.  I wonder how God looks on my life, considering moments which seem lost on personal interests. My education, fruitless jobs, and social endeavors seem trivial and lacking in spiritual purpose.

I came across this passage from the Gospel of Matthew this morning, and realized I spent a great many years fishing. I worked for short-lived  benefit. Jesus sees this, but He lets no valuable life go to waste. Not even a moment misspent. He repurposes me for use in His plan, to glorify Him and bless His loved ones. My Redeemer uses the past to craft a new future.

In the same way Jesus used fishermen to reel in new disciples, God doesn’t discard our talents or experience. He transforms them for use to renew His people and build His Kingdom.

What are your skills or experiences God can transform toward new life purpose?

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  1. Rick Stassi

    I read your essays and know with all of my heart you are living fruitful within God’s purpose. Others sometimes see what we cannot see in ourselves or what has not yet been revealed by God to us. I wonder about my life. I am sure I have wasted a great portion of time on the temporal. I must remember God can take a moment of any segment of our lives and use it for many generations to come. We will not know until we see Him face-to-face. Reflection is our nature. We just want to do more. God will lead. Be assured.

  2. tyeagerwrites

    So true, Rick. Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

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