4 Secrets to Optimize Relationships

Valentines Day looms on the calendar next week. Some look forward to lavishing romantic gifts or excursions on their dear love. Those without an amorous partner might share hugs with family or friends. Others will eschew the red and pink holiday and escape by viewing action, horror, or sci-fi films.

With the relational holiday soon ahead, we could take this opportunity to optimize our connections. Optimizing your heart’s function extends to all types of personal interaction. The same keys apply to benefit couples, families, and friends. The secrets to good relationships may begin with applying the love principles to how we treat ourselves, too.

Whether you plan to spend Valentines Day on romance, friendship, family, or self-care, today’s video offers the following keys to benefit all your relationships:

  • Listen actively and with empathy.
  • Use clear communication.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Center each relationship on Christ.
    • Lift your loved one up to receive the blessing God intends for them (through you or directly from the Lord).
    • Vent to God first. And listen to God’s response before you confront your loved one.
    • Allow time to release deafening anger before discussing the issue.
    • Pray at all times (before, after, and during interactions).
    • Do not expect people to provide identity, emotional well being, happiness, fulfillment, or any other need which only God can supply.

How might you implement these tips in the week ahead? I pray all of you will enjoy the best in your relationships, throughout 2019 and beyond. As always, I look forward to reading your comments.


Be Encouraged,


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