4 Keys to Cultivating Grace

As crises and horrors abound in today’s news reports, tensions have escalated to record highs. The world trends are barreling past stress toward hysteria, and we must choose whether to join the craziness or become part of the solution. We can stand against the tide by adopting grace as our modus operandi. Grace has the power to heal the world’s craziness. One person at a time.
A grace-filled nature requires instilling the following key elements:


Confident poise contraindicates arrogance. Humility casts no shame upon self or others. Our best traits shine when we acknowledge our assets as a shared gift. Grace dances in formation with fellow artists, enjoying the light together as we accomplish a collective goal.


Nobility demonstrates compassion and generosity to those who need it, heaping extra grace upon those who deserve it least. Maturity of character demands kindness. While we must set healthy boundaries to protect others from toxic patterns, we can flavor our attitudes and actions with kindness. A person of grace remains vigilant in guarding her heart against selfishness.


Peace rarely arrives by happenstance. The human defaults trend life toward chaos, worry, and conflict. Serenity requires intentional maintenance. Those aspiring to develop a character of grace must trim away bustle, exchange worry for hope, and strive toward diplomacy. Daily stress management is mandatory, as is preserving white space in the schedule. Life giving activities and down time rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit and allow us to bring blessings to the world around us. To exude grace, we must fill our souls with nourishing inspiration and rest.


Thankfulness heals us. Research proves the correlation, but cannot fully explain why. Gratitude also serves as the perfect antidote for fear and selfishness. It dispels negativity and shifts the mindset to redefine us as bearers of light. Thankfulness shapes us into the best version of ourselves, thereby empowering us to deliver positive effects upon those around us.
Will you join me in the quest to grow in grace? Share your thoughts about weaving more humility, kindness, serenity, or gratitude into your days. I look forward to reading your comments.
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