3 Secrets to Facing Change with Strength

3 Secrets to Facing Change with Strength

An army of pines surround my home. Towering a hundred feet over our moat of grass, they toss their needled heads against the passing clouds. Howling gales bend their pulpy extremities to brush against one another. Sleet pelts through their branches and slaps their trunks. Should any one of these elderly trees surrender to the weather, the fall could crush us. Yet despite the series of fronts that ravaged our area with drastic changes, the wooden soldiers held their positions.

Fierce shifts rush toward us today. We all face the dilemma of how to weather changes howling in the atmosphere around us. In the physical realms where we feel pelted and slapped. In the unseen realms where the icy breath of doom penetrates our minds and hearts.

The rage of these spiritual storms feels like an indefatigable attack surging against us from every angle. Fear and despair ambush us. This emotional turmoil comes armed with reasons why we should abandon hope.

Our ability to withstand these seismic shifts in the atmosphere matters. Perhaps more than the mortal eye can ever perceive.

Should we fall, our defeat threatens to crush a multitude of hearts. Including our own.

In comparison to the mindless guard of trees, those in the divine ranks have access to far greater power to persevere. We can face change with strength if we hold onto the following keys:

  • Maintain deep and wide faith roots. Immerse your mind, heart, and soul in meaningful study and prayerful meditation. Extend your connections into supportive fellowship for a broad base of emotional and spiritual support. Foster ongoing, healthy connections to God and his family.
  • Nourish yourself to prevent structural weakness. Drink deeply and often from the Holy Spirit’s presence. Sustain your well being on all levels: mental, emotional, relational, AND physical. Disease or weakness in one part of ourselves will affect the others, so taking care of your body, mind, relationships, emotions, and spiritual health remains key to surviving storms with strength.
  • Remember the light defines your position, not the shadows. Hold onto your who, where, and why as authored by the Lord. God alone bears the right to grant your identity, purpose, and position. Resist the onslaught of lies attempting to revoke your title, name, and mission. Focus on the light of Christ, not the darkness.

Journaling your strategies to apply these three secrets can help you weather any storm. Even the unimaginable and seemingly impossible shifts rushing in today.

Feel free to share your tips, comments, and strategies in the comments!

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